Ever thought how our lives get impacted by the little breaks in between daily soaps? We come across numerous advertisements with different concepts that amaze us each time. From preachy to humorous to sarcastic- today our screens provide us with reasons to stick and wait for the commercial breaks. Advertising comes across as a powerful tool where we experiment, convey, and connect emotions along with ample information for the customer.

“We are born of love; Love is our mother.”  – Rumi, Technology, no matter how advanced, can never replace true gifts of nature to mankind ;the scent of a flower that attracts a bee, the smell of pristine soil being touched by the first drops of rain, and most of all the formation of a child in the womb of a Mother. With the society changing at a pace which

There has been a push in the market and the world has taken a huge leap in terms of marketing. We no longer address promotional business activities as MARKETING or SALES, rather we choose to term them as BRANDING. The focus is not on how to do social, but on how to be social. The marketers have become smarter and used the Digital Platform for a better call to action